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I'm Caricature Artist Ed Giordano. I have  been performing and providing Party and Gift Caricature for over 35 years. Considered by many as one of the top Party and event caricaturists in the Metro New York and New Jersey area, I am known as a humorous  illustrator, sketch artist, cartoonist and caricaturist. My experience as a caricature artist allows me to customize a plan that best suits your event and gift caricature needs. I believe the skill level I've achieved needed to perform caricatures in any situation is due to the hundreds of thousands of peoples faces I've met and drawn. Plainly said, it takes thousands of hours of practicing the art of caricature to be proficient. In other words, to be a Master at anything, experience matters. Competitively priced and respectful of your budget, please feel free to contact me to discuss further.

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I offer the best Sketch Artists to perform Caricatures and Quick Sketch Cartoons at your Event in your area at a reasonable price. Caricature is a lasting reminder of your party that will hang on your guests wall for years to come. Let my party cartoonists and caricaturists make your event great! 


Allow me to create a Gift Caricature that will be cherished for years to come.  What a great gift idea! Please contact me to discuss a custom caricature for someone special. Sign-In-Boards are designed for your guests to  sign and offer best wishes of the guest of honor on their special day. 


From 2-100 I can draw multiple caricatures on 1 illustration board. Great for creating a memento of special times, special friends, family, honoring colleagues and employees.


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Caricatures by Giordano CONTACT

Please contact me on how to book a Party Caricaturist or hire a Cartoonist to create a Gift Caricature. We will go over price, type of caricatures, including B&W, color, full body with a theme or just a face. Discussing this will give you an idea of how many cartoons our caricaturists can be rendered in the time allowed.





 Party Cartoonists and Caricaturists  provide humorous entertainment for your guests and doubles as a cherished keepsake for years to come acting as a fond memory of your party. 

2 HOURS : $300 

$125 each add'l hour. 

Feel free to call me or email me




How do I book a caricaturist for my event? Once we customize a plan for you, I will send you a booking order/invoice via PayPal . Deposit will confirm your booking. 

Balance due upon completion of the event. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.Gift Caricature, Party and Event Caricatures, Multiple Caricaturists for your big event!   



Custom paper is always free! The date and Guest of Honors name and Event will be Printed on 11x17. If you would like a custom design, depending on the complexity, a fee may be charged. Sign in Boards: 20"x30" Full Color Caricature of The guest of honor is $250. When you book a 4 hour event with me, it is discounted 50%Free with the booking of a 5th hour.  

Performance Caricaturist Answers Frequently Asked Questions


 What kind of space is needed to perform caricature? A small table and two chairs or an area to set up an easel along with two chairs that are provided by you. An outlet should be near the performance space.

What materials does a sketch artist use? I use 11x17 card stock paper. Markers, pastels and watercolor is used to render a custom caricature.

What types of parties and events do caricaturists do? All kinds of parties need entertainment and party favors, sketch artists provide both! 


 Hundreds of thousands of caricatures drawn for over 35 years!

How many caricatures can be drawn at my party?


 Caricature looks great, drawn in B&W! Of course, COLOR Wows the crowd.It's important to note: As a sketch artist, I can draw more Party Cartoons in B&W, color caricature takes longer and reduces the amount of caricature portraits that can be drawn per hour.  I offer caricature drawings of "just a face" or full body with theme. 

How many caricatures can be drawn per hour?

QUICK SKETCH: Up to 15 per hour

B&W JUST A FACE. This type of caricature is a fluid cartoon line with very little detail. This is perfect for large crowds, when getting the most caricatures drawn per hour.

      Partysketch: A more detailed approach. 

Color Just a Face: 8 p/h           

Full body with Theme. B&W: 8 p/h Color 6p/h



Before you hire a caricature artist, make sure the person can meet this challenge. Ask them to draw a caricature of you or someone you know from a photo in REAL TIME. Here's what I mean. Caricature is a quick sketch of a face, rendered in minutes. This is The job of all sketch artists is to capture ESSENCE in the form of CARICATURES. Does the artist you have in mind "got what it takes" to draw these funny cartoons fast?" Why not find out? Challenge them to prove it! I know I can! Here's How. First, allow me to know that you've taken me up on the challenge. Let me get a marker and a piece of paper ready. Next, send me a photo of someone via text and I'll send you back a quick sketch caricature of person in just minutes. can your artist meet the challenge? I suggest you find out.